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Weight care is personal, let’s treat it that way. Our weight care program is tailored to your unique biology and lifestyle for lasting transformative results.

A Health Approach for the Whole Body.

While your biology is a starting point, we consider every element contributing to sustainable weight management and design a medically-informed plan tailored specifically for you.



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Our Weight Loss Program
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Online weight loss means we took the clinician’s office out of the equation. Get one-on-one medical, nutritional, and movement guidance from our experts…all from the comfort of your own home.

We focus on getting you beyond the scale to a place where you feel good physically, emotionally and mentally for the long-term. 

Weight care is personal, let’s treat it that way. Our weight care program is tailored to your unique biology and lifestyle for lasting transformative results.

“Prescription drugs can address the biological factors of weight that are beyond our control. The medications provided by ShednShape are backed by clinical studies, confirming their safety and efficacy in assisting with weight reduction. We evaluate multiple criteria to ascertain the most suitable and safe medication tailored to each member’s unique requirements.”

Shebani S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer both FDA-approved anti-obesity medications, as well as “off-label” medications that are shown by clinical evidence to be highly effective and safe for helping with weight loss. “Off-label” medications are FDA-approved but for an indication other than weight loss.

When prescribed responsibly, off-label medication can help expand your range of options to ensure you get the right medication at the right dose for your unique biology. Clinicians frequently prescribe medications “off label” when a medicine has a known benefit to treat a condition. The medications that affiliated provider may prescribe (either “on-label” or “off-label”) are the same medications prescribed in premiere academic medical obesity treatment centers across the United States.

Medication prescriptions are up to a medical provider’s discretion. we does not dictate prescribing practices or interfere with the medical judgment of our affiliated medical providers.

The answer is often yes. Each person’s health profile is unique, and during your video consultation, a clinician will work with you to determine the best treatment plan based on your evaluation and health history. Some medications are contraindicated with ketamine, so please be sure to walk through your current medications with your clinician.

‍Some Impact clients have been able to safely taper off their anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications under the close supervision of their existing psychiatric providers, following improvements from ketamine therapy.

All of our medical providers are US-licensed with combined decades of clinical experience and weight loss expertise. Alongside our robust medical team, we collaborates with renowned health leaders to craft effective and personalized weight care paths that work in sync with your unique biology and lifestyle.

Once you’ve created an account and had an initial consult, you can view your current provider or send them a message using the portal.

You should hear from your Our Medical Provider within 2 to 4 days after you’ve submitted an intake survey. The length of the consult is dependent on any questions you have or additional questions the provider may need to ask before prescribing a medication. Providers typically respond within 24-48 hours depending on provider availability as consults are asynchronous. After you and the provider have agreed upon a prescription, it will be sent to our e-pharmacy partners to be filled and shipped. The filling and shipping process generally takes 4-6 days.

Additionally, your coach will reach out within your first week to guide you through your first month. You can go ahead and start using our app to work on building new, healthy habits prior to receiving your medication!

Our expert coach support is designed to kickstart your weight care journey and help you stay on track with your weekly goals. In month-one of your plan, you’ll be matched 1:1 with a dedicated coach to guide you via mail  through healthy lifestyle change, including nutrition, movement, sleep, mindful eating, and more — all personalized to your weight care goals. Your plan also includes access to our network of coaches through our in-app community for guidance, support, and encouragement throughout your membership.

A healthier you awaits